• Engines on GE OnPoint
  • No Damage History
  • ADS-B Upgraded
  • Fresh 96 Month Inspection
  • Will Deliver With;
    • Crew Training
    • EASA / Isle of Man Certification (on request)
  • Post Delivery;
    • FANS-1/A & CPDLC Upgrade when available (SB under development)


Certificate of Airworthiness:22nd March 2010
Total Time Since New:2,301 Hours
Total Landings Since New:745


Manufacturer:General Electric
Serial Number:994443994444
Program Coverage:Enrolled on GE OnPoint


Manufacturer:Hamilton Sundstrand
Model:APS 2300
Serial Number:HSC-E0723405


  • Dual Monitor Warning Function (MWF) System
  • Graphics Generation Function (GGF) (hosted in the Display Units)
  • Dual System Utilities Function System
  • Dual Flight Management System (FMS)
  • Central Maintenance System
  • Data Acquisition Function
  • Dual Automatic Direction Finder (ADF)
  • Dual Distance Measurement System (DME)
  • Triple Air Data System (ADS)
  • Dual Mode S Enhanced Transponder System
  • Dual VHF Digital Radio
  • Dual VHF Omnidirectional Range (VOR) System
  • Dual Instrument Landing System (ILS), composed of Localizer (LOC) and Glideslope (GS)
  • Dual Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS)
  • Windshear Detection and Guidance System (hosted in the EGPWS)
  • Dual Inertial Reference System (IRS)


  • P-880 Weather Radar with turbulence detection
  • Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)
  • Dual Radar Altimeter System
  • Dual Digital Voice Data Recorder (DVDR)
  • Dual Multifunctional Control and Display Unit (MCDU)
  • Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) with Positioning Report System
  • Three Audio Control Panels (ACP)
  • Electronic Clock System
  • Integrated Electronic Standby (IES) Display System
  • Standby Magnetic Compass
  • Five Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Units
  • Dual Cursor Control Devices (CCD)
  • Dual Guidance Panel (GP) Controller
  • Quick Access Recorder (QAR)
  • SELCAL System
  • Dual High Frequency HF Communication System
  • ADS-B Upgraded


  • Wardrobe and IFE cabinet between Zone 1 and Zone 2
  • Curtain to divide welcome area and Galley
  • Two Pocket Doors in Zone 1
  • One Pocket Door in Zone 5
  • Satcom Telephony System with 5 handsets
  • High Speed Data – Swift Broadband
  • Moving Map
  • Two (2) Blu-ray™ DVD Players which plays all Blu-ray™ media region and one DVD media region
  • 17” LCD widescreen monitor at Zone 1, 42” LCD widescreen monitor at Zone 2 and 24” LCD widescreen monitor at Zone 5
  • One (1) Cabin Zone Control (Touch Screen) per Zone
  • One (1) passenger control unit (PCU) per seat and divan being located in the sideledge
  • Three (3) Auxiliary Audio/Video Input being in the VIP position, Zone 3 and Zone 5
  • VIP panel on the LHS sideledge Zone 2
  • One (1) convection oven
  • One (1) microwave
  • One (1) master control panel 8.9” (Touch Screen) in the Galley
  • One (1) TIA coffee maker


  • Galley and Lavatories with water heater
  • Shower in Aft Lav
  • Cargo Door Light
  • Access door to baggage compartment
  • Life vest at each TTL (taxi, take off and landing) seat
  • Cargo restraint net
  • Twenty four (24) universal (110VAC/60Hz) power outlets being three per zones and one per lavatory and one in the welcome area
  • Two (2) universal (230VAC/50Hz or 115VAC/60Hz) high power outlets being one per galley
  • Two (2) ground service power outlet (115VAC/400Hz) being one Zone 5 and one in the LHS Galley
  • Observer seat in the cockpit
  • Flight Attended Seat in the Welcome area
  • Two (2) pilot seats with sheep skin cover
  • Cabin Management System (CMS)
  • PC-Power
  • IFE input and outputs